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How to survive going out with a nickel food allergy

Going out to eat, on vacation or to a party can be hard when you have a nickel/cobalt food allergy, especially if you are newly diagnosed and in a very reactive state. It took me 4 months to slowly detox from the accumulated cobalt in my system and heal my rashes. Now, I don't have to be so strict because I've been living this lifestyle for 3+ years. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...⠀

Here is a list of things you can do to help when you want to go out and enjoy life!⠀

1. Take extra vitamin C with your meals. I take 500-1000 per meal. ⠀

2. I have found that saying I have a nut and soy allergy is easier than explaining this complex allergy. I HATE discussing my allergy with people when I'm not in the mood. My husband has 'outed' me a few times and OMG, I get so irked! It comes from a good place. He hates when I react badly after we go out, but I get to choose who I open up to about this allergy. ⠀

3. Drink plenty of water and work up a sweat.

4. Stay on a very low nickel/cobalt diet leading up to an event or vacation. This is an allergy of 'accumulation.' One meal high in nickel/cobalt won't throw you off completely. This is the best part of this allergy. Since it isn't a Type I hypersensitivity/IgE for most people, we can get away with small amounts. Think of the bucket analogy - when your bucket is full (for most people that is around the 150mcg of nickel per day), that is when you will experience symptoms. ⠀

5. Limit portions.⠀

6. Eat before you go out to avoid making bad choices. It is much harder to make smart decisions if you’re starving.

7. Bring your own food or dish, when possible.⠀

8. Avoid acidic dishes, even if they are low nickel/cobalt. Acidic foods cooked in stainless steel leach nickel into the food. ⠀

I hope this guide is helpful! Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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