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Minimalism and kids - is it possible?

Spoiler alert - I don't know... but take a look at my minimalism routine as I try.

A clean, organized house is so important for my overall well-being! Before I adopted minimalism I felt I was constantly picking-up after everyone. I remember feeling defeated and exhausted from all the clutter and mounting stuff we were collecting.

Once I discovered minimalism I was so intrigued and inspired. I remember thinking I want what they have!!! Which isn't much ;)..but what they do have, is space and time for meaningful experiences. I was desperately craving a simpler life where I could enjoy nature and have more time to do what I love. (If it wasn't for my husband and daughter, I would definitely be one of those people living in a tiny home in the middle of nowhere.)

My husband and I decided to downsize and move to the beach and I have never been happier! We go rid of almost all of our stuff and found a cute furnished apartment 1 block away from the ocean. Although we are loving this lifestyle, having a child who collects stuffed animals, treasure chest toys, party favors, drawings, rocks, leaves etc...etc.. etc....can be challenging. Here is a look at how I manage my adorable hoarder and all of her stuff!

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