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Pasta Primavera!!

This dish is so simple, versatile and delicious!Beware - it is high in histamine.

This meal was too high in histamine for me, unfortunately. Even though I avoided the tomatoes and was careful with my portions of mushrooms and artichoke, I had a reaction the next day after I ate leftovers.

When I react to histamine my whole body feels itchy or like my skin is crawling, I feel very hot and have a hard time falling asleep. In the past, I have also experienced anxiety, conjunctivitis and hives when my allergy was out of control.

My rash was flaring from my trip to Disney World last weekend. It’s really hard to manage systemic contact dermatitis to nickel or cobalt while traveling but since I don’t have severe eczema on my hands and eyelids anymore, I am able to relax.

Now my reactions are localized to a few fingers on my right hand and the flare will last about 1 week. During a flare it is helpful for me to lower my exposure to high histamine foods but since my rashes are mostly controlled, I take risks!

Now that I am 2+ years on a low nickel/cobalt diet, I can challenge my body to see where my threshold lies, and eating is so much fun! I love to eat what I crave and make it a satisfying experience.

FYI, for those of you with a histamine intolerance the tomatoes, marinade from the artichokes, mushrooms and lemon juice are all high in histamine. For my nickel allergy friends, escarole is a low nickel leafy green that is great sautéed or in soups.

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