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Tangy, Delicious Quinoa Salad

This recipe doesn't disappoint! Everyone I have introduced this salad to LOVES it!

The original recipe is from an old coworker of mine (quinoa, bell peppers, cilantro, adobo seasoning, lime juice & olive oil). We played around with the ingredients this week, as you can so easily do with this salad. Watch to find out what we added! I love this salad because it is safe to eat if you are on the Italian Nickel Detox Diet due to a nickel allergy. All of the ingredients are low/moderate in nickel. If your eczema is in an active flare beware of the lemon juice as it is high in histamine. Unfortunately, many people with systemic contact dermatitis to nickel or cobalt are also sensitive to foods high in histamine during the detox phase.

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