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Watch Seraphina and I tackle this beauty!

I will never forget how awkward I felt the first time I opened a pomegranate. It was especially awkward because of the really bad advice I was given. I remember the day like it was yesterday but it was actually 3 years ago... I decided to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to open a pomegranate. So, basically this (reckless) person insisted that the most efficient way to extract the pomegranate seeds was by slapping half of a pomegranate over a pot. I decided to give it a try... Midway through abusing my first pomegranate, I felt I was being punked. This was absolutely not the best method, NOT AT ALL! It looked like I committed a murder in my kitchen! I’ve since forgiven myself and learned a more humane & effective way to enjoy pomegranates. They are completely worth the extra effort!

Take a look at my video to find out.

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